8 Great Web Series You Must Be Watching Right Now

With the increasing demand for home entertainment, the joy could not just be sufficed to film and television shows.

Thank you, Glory Internet and your gorgeous creation called "Web Series.”

In the last couple of (however remarkable) years, the web series has come a long way. You have seriously acclaimed show on the internet; you have stars making an appearance - all of which have effectively raised awareness, utmost keen and joy among the mass.

These are some unbelievable online webisodes capturing the hearts of numerous and giving the voice to everybody. The following are the 8 best of them. (Disagree? Please don't hesitate to inform us why?).

Computer game High School

C'mon, we would be causing significant heartbreak if we didn't mention this impressive action comedy web series. The concept is embedded in the future and informs us the experience of the lead character, a gamer, Brian Doheny (Josh Playlock) at VGHS, an elite facility that is committed to teaching a curriculum of video games, only video games. Did we hear you go Woaahhhh!? The series is produced by Freddie Wong's RocketJump Studios.

Unfortunate Motivator

How's this for a facility? A man is going through a bad breakup, the scenario is worse already, and a creepy, globular green and homicidal good friend, Mark appears (that dancing devil on the shoulder type) also whispers sweet perversion into the former's ears. While Kevin makes proceedex-girlfriend’s roommate, his so referred to as acting assistance eggs him on with enormous commentary. Too extreme? Creepy? Interesting? You feel about this mental thriller; it has amassed a maximum bulk of horror fans.

F to 7th

The brain behind this critically acclaimed series, Ingrid Jungermann is a recognized face in the show business with her dynamic first attempt 'The Slope.' Jungermann writes, directs and stars in this critically well-known show that explores the life of a gay woman having a hard time to find her identity in the modern-day world. The show represents the insecurities of a middle-aged lesbian in an engaging yet amusing way. With famous names like Kristen Connolly (House of Cards) as guest stars and moneyed by the Spike Lee Production Award, we can securely assume the 3rd season will be up around the middle of the year.

H+: The Digital Series

Produced by Bryan Singer and Warner Bros., 'H+' is an apocalyptic sci-fi that will make you ask questions on the presence of technology and about the potential risk that may emerge if the humankind loses control in the near days. H+ delivers the nightmarish image of the future, accompanied by an enthusiastic story and cinematic visuals.

Written It Down

" Delivering problem is tough to do ... specifically when you have no idea what it is," that's exactly how the story revolves around this highly admired web series. Enjoyable Fact: There are no scripts and based upon unscripted discussion. Australia's finest comedians take the supreme challenge and perform in this totally improvised show landing themselves into the supreme uneasy situation, different every episode and live on video camera. Simple, yet initial! Not to mention it has won numerous awards at LA Web fest last year.

High Upkeep

The list is insufficient if we do not relate to Ben Sinclair and KatjaBlichfeld's 'High maintenance.' This dark funny redefines the term 'stoner'. The web series follows a confidential marijuana deliveryman referred to as The Guy (played by Sinclair) and his encounters with abrand-new set of clients in New York City. The clients need something more than just a joint. Trust the program to shock you with each episode along with The Guy witnessing relationship crises, job crises, family warfare and far more. We are not the mere ones in wonder with the show; the fanbase rise high with similarity Orange is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan and Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens.

Justice Woman

It's not a surprise that 'Justice Woman' was bound to get acknowledgment for its take on unjust society these days. Multi-talented Vanessa Verduga comprehended the effect the program would produce when she developed Justice Woman back in October 2012. The web series follows the story of a very modern and funky Assistant District Attorney, Sofia Escala who after finding the very legal system indicated to serve justice without bias is loaded with corruption and collusion.

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