Spread Out the Word About Safety on Motion Picture Sets

The show business utilizes 2.23 million individuals, who earn an average of $20.98 per hour. That does not seem almost enough to compensate actors and movie teams for the number of injuries and casualties they withstand. In 2014 (the in 2015 information is released), 90 people, unfortunately, passed away on the task. 4.1 from every 100 workers were hurt.

Typical Hazards in Filming Locations

Everybody-- from stars to technicians and movie crews- face dangers on a film set. If sets are improperly created or built, they can collapse, causing injuries. Shooting outdoors indicates employees are exposed to power lines that can sag or ignite. People slip and fall, often with terrible effects as we composed about throughout the shooting of Red Cliff. Utilizing tools incorrectly can cost employees their finger or arm.

Safeguarding Workers

While not all injuries are fatal or dangerous, many have long-term consequences. That's the reason why we support the work of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to make our workplaces more secure. We’d encourage all employers to submit a report with OSHA, as required by law.

What Happens if I'm Injured on Set?

IF you've experienced an injury at work, the initial step is to get medical help and call 911. It's also essential to instantly submit a claim and report the injury to your superiors. All employees-- whether independent contractors or staff members-- are covered in a several ways by the law. Staff members are often covered by the state's employees' settlement law. This means that the filmmakers, the studio or owners should get the appropriate insurance coverage policies to guarantee if someone is injured, the expense of their medical bills, recovery, and long-lasting nursing care, is covered.

This doesn't mean the insurance company will automatically approve your claim or pay the costs in a timely manner. In major cases, victims might even suffer injuries that prevent them from working. In these cases, hiring an employees' comp lawyer can safeguard your rights to benefits, make sure you are getting the right employees compensation rate-- and provide you the liberty to focus on your healing.

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